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夫妻推油 夫妻推油 ,看片播放器下载 看片播放器下载 ,纸飞机小说 纸飞机小说

夫妻推油 夫妻推油 ,看片播放器下载 看片播放器下载 ,纸飞机小说 纸飞机小说 发布日期:2021年03月04日
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Suncatcher/Ornament Glass


Our clear glass suncatchers and ornaments can be used for a variety of projects. Awe- inspiring creations have come from decoupage, painting, engraving, and etching into our sun catchers and ornaments. Add some pop to your windows or Christmas tree. These pieces of glass have swiped edges to ensure that it is smooth to the touch. Every suncatcher and ornament has a 4 mm hole in the top for hanging. Ribbons are not included with purchase. 

We have two thicknesses you can choose from, 3/32" and 1/8" thickness.

When figuring out which thickness is best for you, we recommend  the 3/32" for ornament glass because it is thinner and lighter. For the suncatchers, the 1/8" glass is best for engraving because it is thicker.


Made in the United States.

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夫妻推油 夫妻推油 ,看片播放器下载 看片播放器下载 ,纸飞机小说 纸飞机小说
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