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2. Upload your services

Describe the type of advice and services you offer, and the prices you charge

3. Connect

Get connected with small businesses looking for the right advice at the right price


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Get seen on the platform through uploading content and events to your profile and get involved with small business support campaigns


Upload services

Upload services to your profile so that small businesses seeking advice can book 1-1 advice sessions with you


List prices

Advisers who show the price of their services and products are 83% more likely to be selected by small businesses for paid work


Ratings and reviews

Once your work is done, ask your client for a rating and review. Advisers with five star ratings appear higher in search results


Frequently asked questions


What are the benefits of becoming an Enterprise Nation adviser member?

Adviser membership gives you access to the full range of Enterprise Nation benefits. This includes a public profile where you can list and promote your business services on Enterprise Nation’s marketplace to connect with a community of over 70,000 potential clients. Plus, exclusive discounts, opportunities to feature in high profile events and campaigns, be interviewed for blog posts, and submit ideas for content and events to publish on Enterprise Nation. See a full list of benefits in the T&Cs. Still got questions about how you'll benefit from being a member? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Are there any rules to the Enterprise Nation community?

Enterprise Nation launched with a single mission – to ensure anyone who wants to start and grow their own business gets access to the support they need to achieve their dreams. More than a decade on, we’re still banging the same drum! We started life as a very ‘physical’ company – hosting lots of events across the UK. Now we are much more of an ‘online’ business – welcoming thousands of founders to the platform each week, from where we make connections to useful things like content, people, and training. To ensure everyone enjoys their visit to Enterprise Nation, we live by a few values and hope you might do too: Give a little. When a business comes looking for advice, we work hard to quickly connect that business to the right advice. If that means a business connects with you via the platform and asks for a call to understand your expertise, please reply within 2 working days and offer your first call for free as the business owner wants to understand if you are the right fit. Nothing was ever achieved without giving a little up front! Get involved. Something Enterprise Nation aspires to do every day. We get involved in the lives of small businesses and fight for their rights on the topics that matter most. It would be amazing to see you get involved in the community. You can do this through uploading content and services, asking for ratings and reviews, and volunteering to speak at the 500+ events we run each year - that adds up to 10 a week - so we’re always looking for contributors! Stay protected. We’re passionate about building a community that small businesses can trust. Help us achieve that through showing your Professional Indemnity insurance (you can do this in your profile) which protects both you and your client in the event of advice not going quite to plan. On a final note: businesses visiting Enterprise Nation who come looking for advice are 76% more likely to ask for help from an adviser who has a profile picture. Increase your chances of being selected by keeping your profile shiny and up to date.

What information do I need to create a profile on Enterprise Nation?

Your profile is your ‘shopfront’ window and lets small businesses know how you can help them. Advisers can add a profile image, details about their business and professional credentials, and links to website and social media accounts. This is your opportunity to add flare and personality to help you stand out to potential clients.

What are the terms for becoming an adviser on Enterprise Nation?

The terms for adviser membership with Enterprise Nation are set out in Appendix B of the T&Cs. See the complete 晨梦初醒 晨梦初醒 ,街拍走春光图 街拍走春光图 T&Cs for more information about membership.

What can I do to improve my chances of being discovered by small businesses?

The more you put in the more you get back. Advisers who are active on the platform and through the various opportunities on Enterprise Nation see an increase in their engagement with the small business community. This means, ensuring your profile is optimised with a quality photo, descriptions, tags for categories and your region. Also, proactively pitching ideas for content, events or taking part in meet-ups and being active across Enterprise Nation’s social media groups.

How does a small business contact me through the platform?

There are several ways the community engage with each other through the platform. They can ‘Connect’ with you and become part of your network. They can submit a request for a ‘Free advice call’ through a button on your profile. Or they can request a ‘Service’ from you, if you have these listed on your profile. You will receive an email notification when you have a request and can reply to these through your member dashboard.

What are the free discovery calls?

Small businesses can send requests to book 30 minute discovery calls with advisers. They provide a great way for small businesses to ask questions and understand how the adviser can support them and their business. Advisers are responsible for responding to each request within three working days.

Can a business contact me multiple times for a free discovery call?

A small business will only be able to use the free advice call request once with each adviser. They can continue to request any ‘Services’ you have listed on your profile where you can set the parameters and commercial agreements. Here is an example of aprofile with service options.

What are 'Services' and is there a cost?

One of the unique benefits of adviser membership is the ability to list your business services on your profile to generate leads and build new client relationships. Businesses can request a service from your profile, and you will receive a notification. You can then arrange a time for a call or meeting to discuss the opportunity.

Can I speak at an online or offline event?

Enterprise Nation runs hundreds of events across the UK each year from small local meetups to start-up conferences with 1000+ delegates. Adviser members have the opportunity to be considered to speak at events or host where they will be able to engage with other small business owners.

How can I submit content or an event to publish on Enterprise Nation?

Submit your content via the submission form in your dashboard. The editorial team will aim to come back to you within 3 working days. We are working on ways of you being able to upload your content immediately and directly to the site. Members can submit their ideas using the submission form from their dashboard.

What is the process for joining?

Enterprise Nation exists to create a shortcut to trusted small business support. To become an adviser member with Enterprise Nation, you must hold an up-to-date professional indemnity policy and provide us with copies of the relevant information. Once uploaded, we will check your PI validity and it will be used to ensure your account is valid with Enterprise Nation. Advisers members can upload their PI when joining or through their dashboard. Don’t have PI? Access an exclusive 15% discount on business insurance here.

How do I switch from standard to adviser membership?

It’s easy! You can upgrade your membership at any time. Simply log into your dashboard and access your subscription under Billing. Follow the instructions to add payment details and then complete your new profile.

My membership has lapsed, how do I renew?

Welcome back! You can restart your plan by logging into your member dashboard and accessing your Billing > Subscriptions. If you have any questions get in touch with us at [email protected].

How do I cancel my membership?

We really don't want to see you go but you can cancel at any time from your dashboard. If you have a moment, we'd just love to know why you decided to downgrade your membership. Email Enterprise Nation founder [email protected] with your reasons for saying farewell.

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